Beaches and sights

The area in and around Salobrena has all the ingredients for a wonderful, varied holiday. Splendid prospects, local tapas bars, pristine nature of mountain areas and lots of cultural experiences – to name but a few. The Costa Tropical is southern Spain at its best – for Costa Tropical offers all the delights that Andalucia has to offer!

A highlight is of course the beautiful town of Salobreña, lying on top of the rock. Salobreña is a very charming town with its winding, narrow, Arab streets and with lovely beaches as its nearest neighbour.

By the locals Salobrena is called “The Jewel of the Costa Tropical”.

Lovely beaches:

Salobrena’s beautiful beaches is very attractive and gives perfect opportunities to swim, snorkel and sunbathe.

You can see the lovely beaches and the beautiful town on the Costa Tropical in both the videos and the pictures below.

The beach is divided in 2 parts of the cliff “El Peñon”. The western part is called Playa La Guardia and the eastern part is called Playa Salobeña. It is on the East of the beaches, you will find the beach promenade with restaurants, while the western part is the most peaceful.

Video from Salobreña

Video about Costa Tropical

What is special about Salobrena’s lovely beaches is that there is no hotels right down the water’s edge as on the Costa del Sol.

All of the pictures above are taken on the beaches of Salobreña – and as you can see, there are both sandy beach, rocky beach and cosy small restaurants on the beach. At the same time you can sometimes see local fishermen on the beach, and at the restaurants they prepare delicious fresh fish dishes.

Other beaches, which can be recommended, is the beach at La Herradura (Horseshoe), or the amazing Beach, Playa El Cañuelo, which you can only reach by either shuttle bus or after a few km by foot. Playa El Cañuelo lies just to the West of Granada and is a great place to dive and snorkel.

Playa El Cañuelo

Salobrena Castle:

At the top of the cliff is the large and dominant Arab Castle, which is very exciting to visit.

The castle is charmingly restored and surrounded by a beautiful garden with a fascinating view of the entire area, from the beautiful beaches of South to the Sierra Nevada high mountains to the North.

Salobreña Castle – photographed from Casa Lobo.

Hiking, golf & culture (in the hinterland, just a few km from the coast):

In the region we have opportunities for numerous activities: golf, horse riding and hiking in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills below, “Guajares Routes”, or in “Las Alpujarras”, as you can see from the pictures below. In these pristine landscapes one can explore on foot, on horseback or on mountain bike – or you can visit the beautiful old mountain towns in the area.

Throughout the year the Sierra Nevada Mountains are a glorious goal for a day trip, as they are only located 70 minutes by car from the villa. The pictures below are from a ca. 10 km long hike to “Los Cahorros” at the town of Monachill near Granada. A thrilling ride with streams, cliffs and long suspension bridges over deep gorges!

In the Sierra Nevada is also a nice ski resort, where the season is from december to april.

If the hike must be absolutely spectacular, you can choose a trip on the walking path “El Camino del Rey”, which reopened in March 2015 in a newly renovated, safe release after the path for a number of years has been closed for security reasons.

The ride on the El Camino del Rey takes approx. 4-5 hours, and yua can buy tickets for the trip through the link here.

Video from El Camino del Rey.

The white towns:

If you visit the beautiful, charming villages Bubion, Capileira and Pampaneira the most beautiful country of the mountain area is waiting for you. The three cities are all located in Las Alpujarras. The pictures below are taken in Bubion.


On the cultural side a trip to Granada is the right choice. Here lies the enchanting and very famous Alhambra.


In the nearby town of Almuñecar, there is the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of water sports. You can also rent a boat in Marina Del Est. Or you can dine at one of the lovely restaurants right down to the Marina.

In the same area you’ll find the beach “La Herradura” – the horseshoe-shaped beach with optimum conditions for diving and snorkeling.

Other exciting areas is the port of Motril, the tourist town Almuñecar with “Tropical Valley”, and the stalactite caves in Nerja.

Also activities like hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, wind surfing, water skiing and beach volleyball is possible to enjoy during your visit!

If you want to play tennis, this is a possibility at the nearby Hotel Salobrena approx. 1 ½ km from the house.

… and as one of the best holiday experiences, do not forget to visit the professional flamincoshow and the many local tapas bars. Here you’ll find the typical Spanish lifestyle which can be enjoyed together with the locals!

You can read more about all these activities,  by pressing here .